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POST /offer/add_landing_page


  • add_landing_page adds a new landing page to an existing offer

Resource URL

  • http://domain/api/offer/add_landing_page
  • Replace domain with the Offerit domain

Response Format

  • JSON

Request Method

  • POST


  • HTTP headers


  • name
    • type: string
    • required
    • Name of this landing page
  • offerid
    • type: int
    • required
    • Id of the offer this landing page is being added to
  • url
    • type: string
    • required
    • Landing Page url
  • preview_url
    • type: string
    • Clean url to display to affiliates
  • tracking_domain
    • type: string
    • One of your already defined tracking domains
  • description
    • type: string
    • Landing page description for affiliates to see.
  • thumb_url
    • type: string
    • Url of offer thumbnail image.
  • force_url
    • type: string
    • Url to screenshot for thumbnail.
  • language
    • type: int'
    • id of one of your defined languages from the offers admin.
  • conversion_type
    • type: string
    • options: iframe,post,image
    • Type of conversion to use for this offer
  • postback_ips
    • type: string
    • Comma separated list of ips that are allowed to post conversions to this offer. Default is no restriction
  • hostnpost_ips
    • type: string
    • Comma separated list of ips that are allowed to post hostandpost conversions to this offer. Default is no restriction
  • void_ips
    • type: string
    • Comma separated list of ips that are allowed to post voids to this offer. Default is deny all.
  • private
    • type: bool
    • TRUE means the default landing page for the new offer will be private. Default is FALSE.
  • requestable
    • type: bool
    • TRUE means the default landing page for the new offer will be requestable if it is also private. Default is FALSE.
  • internal_desc
    • type: string
    • Landing page description for the new offer that is only in the admin interface. Default is empty.
  • redirect_hash
    • type: string
    • Matching field for identifying what landing page to use when geo redirecting within an offer group. Default is empty.
  • disable_url_sanitization
    • type: bool
    • Uses landing page url exactly as provided without encoding any invalid url characters. Default is false, encoding invalid url characters in the landing page.
  • disable_deep_linking
    • type: bool
    • Discards any extra path and variables specified by the affilaite on the tracking link. Default is false, allowing the affiliate to affect the landing page url.
  • hidden
    • type: string
    • Offer does not show up in the affiliate offer list.
  • date_live
    • type: string
    • Time when landing page should become available to affiliates. String to time on the string provided. Default is to start immediately.
  • date_expire
    • type: string
    • Time when landing page should stop being available to affiliates. String to time on the string provided. Default is to end never.
  • order_by
    • type: int
    • Optional ordering to use when multiple landing pages are visible to the affiliate. Lower numbers are displayed first. Default is 0 which displays after any custom ordered landing pages.

Example Request


name=API TEST Landing Page
description=A second apply to run landing page

  • Response:

Example Code


$url = 'http://domain/api/offer/add_landing_page';
$curl = curl_init(); 
$headers = array( 
    'api-key: 44b5498dbcb481a0d00b404c0169af62', 
    'api-username: productsupport' 

 $data = Array(
    'offerid' => 400,
    'name' => 'API TEST Landing Page',
    'url' => '',
    'preview_url' => '',
    'private' => TRUE,
    'requestable' => TRUE,
    'description' => 'A second apply to run landing page'


curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, $headers); 
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); 
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, "POST");
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, http_build_query($data));
$resp = curl_exec($curl); 
//dumps an associative array representation of the json response
$output = json_decode($resp, true);
if($output !== NULL) {
	//json was valid. Dump the decoded array
else {
	//invalid json, just dump the raw response
// Close request to clear up some resources